Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Keeping Your Kitchen Sparkling Clean

A squeaky clean kitchen is not always easy to achieve, but the results can help give you a refreshed perspective on your home and family. Plus maintaining a clean kitchen doesn't have to keep you trapped inside a pit of despair every moment of the day. Here are a few steps that can help you keep a brighter, more sparkling kitchen in the shortest amount of time possible.

1. The first step in a clean, organized kitchen is to have a place for everything, and then to have everything in its place. If you have items that just lie out on your counters, make it a point to find a specific home for them (besides right out on the counter - that is). You should be able to look at your counter and KNOW that every item has a specific home.

2. The next step in keeping up with your clean kitchen is to reduce the amount of excess mess and clutter. Make a note of any clutter "problem" spots, and then take a quick minute (every day) to clear away those specific areas.

Another tip for keeping a cleaner kitchen is to create an organized "to do" center in one corner of the kitchen. In this area you want to place your mail, your keys, and any immediate to do lists you need to accomplish within the next 48-72 hours. You want to design this area so that it is attractive and doesn't look like it's full of clutter. You might even design it so that you can move it, or cover it quickly, in case company drops in unannounced.

3. The kitchen sink is undoubtedly one of the hardest spots to keep maintained. A great goal is to keep the sink clean and free of dishes everyday. Try and throw as many dishes in the dishwasher at the end of the night, as you can. Then run the washer. After you empty the sink, take thirty seconds to scrub the sink. If you clean the sink until it sparkles, it tends to inspire you to keep the rest of the kitchen cleaner.

4. The refrigerator is another pesky trouble spot that many of us hate to clean. A great plan is to try and go through the fridge one time every week and get rid of anything that is out-of-date. Another quick option for keeping the fridge clean is to use liners for your refrigerator shelves. You can remove them quickly and this will cut your wiping time down.

5. Finally, a great idea is to take two minutes every day to sweep the kitchen floor. Getting those nasty, crunchy crumbs and other messes out from under your feet will go a long way in keeping your motivated to do a thorough mop every once in a while.

So these are just a couple of quick steps you can use to keep your kitchen clean and enjoyable on a daily basis. Of course you need a detailed battle plan to really maintain your kitchen the way you want. But don't give up on your goal of a clean kitchen, if you can make the decision to spend just a couple of minutes every day doing these, you will have more satisfaction and enjoyment in one of the most used rooms in your home.

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